Lyf | Wind 4S


  • Launched in Oct 2016
  • 3GB RAM | 16 GB ROM Expandable to 128 GB
  • 8 MP Rear Camera
  • 2 MP Front Camera
  • 5 Inch Screen
  • 720 x 1280 Display Resolution (PPI 401)
  • Android 5.1
  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • Dual SIM Support
  • 1.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 MSM8909 processor
  • Proximity sensor,Ambient light sensor,Accelerometer
snapdeal user reviews

LYF phone with hd voice call not to expect more from this device

all features are good 1. dts sound is not great dont expect much there is no basic sound not enjoyable for music or movies. (if you dont want dts sound then can go for other phones) i have brought this phone for main battery and voice quality and sound. 2. build quality is plastic . 3. snapdeal next day delivery was no real received product after committing day. 4. snapdeal is a still average service in india can compete with other. all and whole i you are going to buy a product in snapdeal just try your luck thats it. snapdeal is not systematically follower.

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Good product

Verry cheep price in only on snaodeal

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Best 4g Volte phone

Good battery backup and speed my all family used wind 4s..

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Good Mobile

I have received it on 01 DEC 16. It's very good phone. Camera is good. Overall performance is good. Specially it's supporting both the sim as 4g volte and memory card also.

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Camera quality low

Cera quality very poor

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Bad Product from LYF

Not Satisfied with Mobile phone display & clarify. Touch screen is not working well. Front & rear camera is not good. Dont waste your money.

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Good value product.

Battery good, look good and delivery also on time.

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Lyfwind 4s

Only battery good ihv purchased one in October 2016 now another according price comparison best . but Snapdeal price is higher than another online shopping

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Good quality of display

Battery has attached to phone.

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Great value for Money

30 October 2016

Phone is good especially RAM management is up to mark and battey backup 4000 mah i'm getting around 2 days in normal usage and still on data usage I'm getting around a full day on heavy usage in wind 4s, honestly camera is not up to mark, best for basic browsing and chatting ,gets warm on data usage which is normal totally Good at its price...

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Grab it 2years warranty and 4000mah battery ..

18 January 2017

Nice phone and good battery backup.. I suggest u best one grab it .. I brought it @ 6400 only here at local shop.. Shopclue also gives u good price 6200. Only.. Before u buy check price .. One thing that irritates me non removable battery.. And camera is little bit poor .. But i m happy with lyf 4s...

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Good phone

29 January 2017

Good for the price. Ppl dont hope for Jio sim.. Because no sim will be there with this delivery. Also it is mentioned wrongly in the description that sim 1 is standard sim, Infact both the sim are micro sim

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Good phone for people with Jio and other connection and who want Jio to be their primary (SIM1) connection for 4G.

15 November 2016


When I was searching for a new Smartphone I went through many comments by users at Amazon and elsewhere and found them useful. After I purchased a phone, I thought it was my turn to post about my experience, hoping it will guide someone to choose what is right for them.

I wanted to use a dual SIM phone with a new Reliance JiO connection and my existing Airtel number and looked at various Smartphones. I settled for LYF for the following reasons:
* Since I wanted a JiO connection it made sense to choose LYF since it come with the required Jio apps that I otherwise need to download separately, if I use one from another manufacturer. Downloading per se is not the problem, but the fact that you need to keep checking for updates etc over time and if there are compatibility issues with anything (OS, model features etc) you need to work around it. (If you choose any other model and have a JiO SIM please ensure you have downloaded JiO Join app (the app name has changed recently, please check) from Google Play Store and you can start using the JiO connection provided your SIM1 (4G) has the JIO SIM.
* I am price-conscious and think wasting 14K+ on phones is useless. I would rather invest that money since phones anyway last for four-five years before you are forced to upgrade for any number of reasons.
* I realised even while selecting a dual-SIM phone, I MUST NOT CHOOSE ONE WITH HYBRID SIM SLOTS (Very Important) since otherwise I cannot use the second SIM which will be used by the MicroSDHC card. IT IS IMP THAT YOU CHECK FOR MODELS THAT HAVE AN EXTRA SLOT FOR MICROSDHC CARDS, else you cannot practically use the second SIM, given you will have to download apps over the phone's liifetime and will need a MicroSDHC card.
* It is important that the Jio SIM be in SIM1 on any phone else your Voice calls/internet will not work- so please bear this in mind when deciding.

Given this I decided to go ahead with LYF WIND 4S and it has been about 20-25 days now, I am happy i chose it.

If you are looking for a phone with a good camera, please don't buy this phone. The photo quality is okay. I prefer using a SLR or actual camera for pictures and think the camera in the phone should be incidental for any quick, regular use. Given that belief the LYF WIND 4S works well for me. It will not suit someone who wants a good quality camera in the phone. The Jio broadband connection is good. Voice quality is good when it connects, but there are times when I find I can connect to others with Airtel but not with Jio (out of coverage area it says). That is because Airtel and others are playing hooky and not a problem with Jio per se, I think. Until the inter-connectivity issue is resolved this problem will persist because Airtel and others are causing issues, I guess.

For TV addicts it offers a huge number of Indian channels in many languages. I have just checked once and found it good, but I do not like watching TV on a small screen, not do I play interactive games etc, so I cannot give you any advise on how it performs, if there are any heating problems etc. when used for long.

I found when I used it as a Hotspot my laptop connected well, but some sites did not connect. For example all sites of Google work neatly, but some others gave me a problem. May have been some teething issue, but I need to check again later. I later used my regular broadband provider as I did not want my work to be disturbed.

BTW I have still not purchased (postponed) a MicroSDHC card for this phone and so far have done decent use of Whatsapp and the other Jio apps without it.

Hope all this helps you take the right decision and you are able to buy a phone that suits your budget. If you can wait for some time (after December 2016) I suspect the LYF phone prices will drop much further.

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it's really good budget phone for normal user's

1 February 2017

I get this phone with 15℅ cash back. it's really good budget phone for normal user's. Superb battery, Average Camera(But you can improve it with other camera app). Some people claims, it heated but believe me i am not facing such issue with this phone.
First of all understand its budget phone and you can't aspects much at this price point.

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I think great "Software Problem"

7 February 2017

On the next day it started hanging and that time more overvheating I just feel very bad at that time. I just worried.... If it is a removable battery we can make it shutdown, now how can I make it... Automatically functioning . Restarts automatically.

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Good phone, you can buy it, 4000mAh is biggest gift

10 November 2016

I bought it from a shop, if you have to use it for normal purpose like whatsapp,emails, calls, basic stuff then this phone is for you. 4000mAh battery gives backup of 2.5 to 2days with normal to medium use. Camera is ok ok type. I have not faced any issues till now had been using this from last 15days, and I use it very much with with Jio sim.

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I love the design

26 January 2017

I have been using this phone for a while now. And I am very impressed with the phone. I love the design , looks , everything. Camera , battery performance very impressive. Overall satisfied with the device. Ram is 2Gb but if you use the phone sensibly it will not hang. Bought it from shopclues for 6399 Rs. A must buy.

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Value for money

20 October 2016

Amazing Phone - lot of negative reviews for Lyf ohones in general on the internet and was sceptical, but this phone is great value for money. Good quality build and sleek looks. Humongous battery to comfortably last you throughout the day. Only sore point might be the poor camera. Its not great, or maybe I need to figure out the right settings/app to use. Otherwise, worth buying - available for 7,500 at Reliance Digital showrooms.

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Three Stars

31 January 2017

Phone is good in this price range but hitting issues are there specially when video calling starts.

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This phone is not available on Flipkart at the moment!
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