Coolpad | Note 5 (32 GB)


  • Launched in Oct 2016
  • 3GB RAM | 32 GB ROM Expandable to 64 GB
  • 13 MP Rear Camera
  • 8 MP Front Camera
  • 5.5 Inch Screen
  • 1080 x 1920 Display Resolution (PPI 401)
  • Android 6
  • 4010 mAh Battery
  • Dual SIM Support
  • Qualcomm MSM8952 Snapdragon 617, Octa-core (4x1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4x1.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
  • Fingerprint,accelerometer,proximity,compass
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This phone is cool as it's name suggests

11 November 2016

Let's start. I used this phone for 10 day with exploring each and everything of this phone. On the basis of my experience I am writing this review. As I am a middle class person I can better understand the utility of this phone or I can say budget phone.

Let's talk about its features-

1)Camera-The quality of camera is good. The daylight pictures are awesome. At night I turned off all the light to test weather this phone is capable to take photographs in night or not.I took some photographs and found that the flash light photos are awesome and the camera works well with the combination of flash light. Daylight visibility is very good.

Now I tested front camera in both low light and high light like sunlight.The selfie was very good. I took some photographs of mine from front camera so I can give 4.5 out of 5 on the basis of its camera.★★★★

2)Build quality and design-
The design is premium and very attractive. You can fell the luxurious glow in your hand. The metallic body makes it very rigid and beautiful.
We can say it a beautiful beast.
Its weight is around 170gm which is good and it feels normal in hands. I won't saw its light weight but for a 5.5" phone, its weight is pretty descent. But, single hand use is also possible in an easy way without any problems. Design is Royal and gold color is awesome.

3) Performance—
Talking about performance we can say this phone is very good among its competitors.
As I was thinking that the snapdragon 617 heats up slightly I started heat test of this phone . I downloaded asphalt 8, N.O.V.A 3 and GTA and started simultaneously on this phone and started two other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.
I played N.O.V.A 3 for 15 minutes while the other apps was running in the background.
The phone heats up slightly but not that much. The temperature is bearable for a normal user.
For heavy user it can be a different think but I know no one play a heavy game like nova 3 while keep running other 3 heavy games in the background so don't panic. Even supercomputer is super in cool temperature.

4) fingerprint sensor-
Finger print sensor is very good and works very fast. It works with a lightning speed. As you touch your finger the phone unlocks.
I selected 10 people whom I know and gave them the phone to unlock it by there finger but no one could unlock it. So the security is very good.

5)RAM and storage-
The total ram available is 3.7 GB.
And when you use this phone e around 1.1 GB ram is used so we still have 2.6 GB ram which is very impressive and good
In ROM we have 32 GB storage out of which 22.3 GB is available to the user

Battery is awesome . No doubt. I used it very roughly for one hour and only 20% drop happen.So battery is so good.

7)Cool User Interface-

I used MIUI 7,8
I used EUI 5.7,5.8
I used many other UI
And on the basis of my experience I can say this is a phone with a smooth and cool UI.

You should buy this phone
Rating 8.5/10

Thank you guys.
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7 January 2017

**UPDATE-1** :: Their are NOT MUCH heating issues with this smartphone like in Moto G 4th Gen. The little bit of heating can also be rectified by putting a good quality back cover on the device.

**UPDATE-2** :: Their are NO PERFORMANCE ISSUES till now. The phone is working absolutely FINE as was at the first day of usage.

**UPDATE-3** :: Don't Worry, it will be in stock very soon. Chill!

I have been using this device for around 2 months now regularly comparing it with REDMI NOTE 3(RS.12000). Earlier, I thought that no phone in the market can beat REDMI NOTE 3 but I was TOTALLY WRONG. I mean, look at COOLPAD NOTE 5 DESIGN, SPECS, FEATURES and what not it gives you at a miraculous price of Rs.10999!

This smartphone's main competitor is Redmi Note 3 which costs Rs.1000 more than this. I was using it as my primary device from last 6 months or so and WAS TOTALLY SATISFIED with it in every way. Then, I managed to get this NOTE 5 and it COMPLETELY CHANGED MY THINKING about getting the features of Redmi Note 3 + Extra Features leaving me with Rs.1000 (THOUGH THEY ARE BAN NOW!)

Although, I was a bit loose and concerned about using a Coolpad device as I had not heard or saw much gadgets of this brand earlier. But, I must tell you that my DECISION to purchase this smartphone was TOTALLY CORRECT.

To be honest, I didn't wonder that a mobile under Rs.11000 can give me all the features that I see in a product of Rs.18000 EXCEPT GIVING me the branding of a "Not So Famous" brand. I GUARANTEE YOU that COOLPAD NOTE 5 is WAY AHEAD THAN ITS COMPETITORS TODAY BEATING REDMI NOTE 3 by a long-long margin.

So, If you are thinking of BUYING this mobile or have SHORTLISTED it, then you must read my EXPERIENCE about NOTE 5 below. If you don't want to read the WHOLE review, skip to the DEAL MAKER, DEAL BREAKER and CONCLUSION sections below and you will understand whether to buy this device or not.

Also KUDOS from me to you, THE READER, as YOU are a SMART BUYER who is first THOROUGHLY RESEARCHING about the product and THEN THINKING whether to PURCHASE it or not. CHEERS!


--} This mobile has a 8 Mega Pixel front facing camera WITH LED FLASH. The front facing camera is ABOVE AVERAGE or say, BETTER than what you normally get in a mobile phone of THIS PRICE SEGMENT. The PRIMARY CAMERA is a 13 Mega Pixel shutter. In terms of Camera, It DOES GETS BEATED from REDMI NOTE 3's camera at FOCUSING and LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY.

--} Otherwise, the camera is similar to that of Redmi's and is GREAT IN TERMS OF QUALITY AND RICHNESS/SHARPNESS OF THE IMAGE. Camera, both primary and secondary will not disappoint you at all IF YOU see it as a Rs.11000 phone and not as Google Pixel!

(ii) SCREEN-

--} This device comes with a 5.5 inch FULL HD IPS display with 401 pixels per inch which is MORE THAN SUFFICIENT for GAMING AND DAILY USAGE and the screen DOES NOT feel PIXELATED or LESS CRISPY at all.

--} The SCREEN BRIGHTNESS is ACCEPTABLE BUT NOT GREAT if you look at the screen in DIRECT SUNLIGHT. It comes with a SCRATCH RESISTANT GLASS PROTECTION and not Gorilla Glass protection. The QUALITY, CONTRAST, SHARPNESS and BLACK LEVELS of screen is slightly better than REDMI NOTE 3 in my opinion but it SLIGHTLY LACKS IN BRIGHTNESS.


--} The phone looks 'ROYALE' and is ONE OF THE BEST METALLIC UNIBODY CRAFTING I HAVE SEEN in a 11000 INR smartphone. The FEEL that you get when you HOLD THIS PHONE or the way it APPEALS to you when it sits at your desk is simply MESMERIZING.

--} I do not feel ANYONE of ANY AGE category will dislike the design of this phone. If possible, do not put BACK COVER as it will highly decrease the CLASSIC ROYAL LOOK of the phone.

--} Overall, the mobile weighs 170g and is comparatively SLIM if you do not dress it with a bulky back cover. The UI is not one of the best UI's and lacks that small-small features like you see in MIUI. But as it is an Android compatible mobile phone, you can CUSTOMIZE THE UI THE WAY YOU WANT TO and even replace the original UI completely. Any day.

SOFTWARE : 7.5/10

--} This headset comes with a 4010 mAH BATTERY which can easily last 1 DAY if you are a HEAVY USER and Net Surfer. For NORMAL users like me, it lasts for an average of 2 DAYS EASILY with 10% Battery STILL LEFT! And Yes, it does support QUICK CHARGING. You have to BUY A QUICK CHARGER SEPARATELY.

--} The SPEAKERS are NOT that great in bass but are CLEAR and LOUD. Even in a price segment of Rs.20000, the quality of speakers in mobile phones is not that great and so is the case with this piece also. It has 3.5 mm JACK and EARPHONES ARE INCLUDED IN THE BOX TOO which are not GREAT but GOOD.

--} PERFORMANCE WISE, the phone RARELY HANGED OR LAGGED in my DAILY USAGE and BUT IN HARDCORE MULTI TASKING and switching between HEAVY GAMES and APPS, A SLIGHT LAG CAN BE NOTICED! I assure you that in day to day normal usage, the hardware is enough to handle all the pressure.

--} It comes with a whooping 4 GB of RAM which is way more than enough and you get it in just Rs.11000! Redmi Note 3 comes with 3 GB RAM. It comes with 32 GB Memory which CAN BE EXPANDED to 64 GB via micro SD card(Hybrid SIM Slot).

--} It is a dual sim phone(4G-4G) with VoLTE Support. It DOES NOT HAVE A IR Blaster which works as a remote controller for many electronic devices. It has FINGER PRINT UNLOCKING which is FAST.



--} The PRICE at which it gives you all the above mentioned features is a UNIQUENESS IN ITSELF! In my opinion, no other manufacturer can give you this combination of BRILLIANT HARDWARE, DESIGN, BUILT QUALITY AND CAMERA in just Rs.10999.

a) 8MP Secondary Camera WITH LED FLASH
b) 5.5 inch IPS CAPACITIVE FULL HD Screen
c) 4010 mAH Battery
d) 4 GB of RAM
e) Free Protective Film
f) Qualcomm Quick Charging 2.0 Support
g) Included Earphones in the box which many companies skip nowadays.
a) GYROSCOPE SENSOR is not available which completely ruins VR experience and also the orientation and other uses of a gyroscope sensor. It will not affect you if you are not greatly into Virtual Reality!

--} Another point which is secondary and is definitely not a deal breaker is that IT DOES NOT SUPPORT NFC which I VERY RARELY USE. So, it does is a negative point but its effect is not that much significant.

--} In MY OPINION, Coolpad Note 5 is till date, the best smartphone you can buy under Rs.11000 but with one condition though that you are in terms with the fact that it does not support have a gyroscope sensor. Other than that, their is no smartphone out there today with this LEVEL of HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE at this PRICE POINT.

--} I couldn't find anything wrong or something like that in the device which may become a problem in the future except for the fact that nowadays, all the manufactures's AFTER SALES SERVICE, save Samsung, Apple, One-Plus,etc., takes a time of about 15-20 days to RESOLVE the PROBLEM, if any.

FINAL RATING :: 9.5/10

I have attached photos that I clicked with this smartphone in various lightning conditions. For ZOOMING QUALITY, their is a zoomed photo of cute turtle in comparison with normal photo.

And, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND PATIENCE. If you have any questions regarding this device, FEEL FREE to COMMENT by clicking on the comment link below and I will surely answer all your queries as soon as I see them.

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Every Penny that you spend is worth it!!!

6 February 2017

Well i brought this product couple of days from its launch and now it has been more than two months with device.
Here is my short take on this device. Consider reading this before buying.
1.Bulit Quality ( 9/10)
Talking about the bulit, thus has a unibody metal design, both gold and grey color gives a premium feel. The volume button and power are plastic and gives a tactile response. It has a Hybrid sim tray. The fingerprint is on rear side, and is very responsive though not the fastest i have seen.

2.Performance (7/10)
So far, after using it for two month, i did not encounter a major lag while using this device.
Though on extreme usage this device tends to heat up abit and loose battery quickly.
Using the device for recording long videos might cause some lag.

3.Camera & Charging (8/10)
This is the main focus area of nowadays midrange devices. Camera of coolpad came as a surprise to me, not only it took great snaps but also the video recording was flawless.
Both rear and selfie camera are able to click some amazing photos.
Talking about charging, this device supports fast charging, and it stand to it. The battery gives you almost 18hrs of usage time once 100% charge.

4. Overall (8/10)
The audio output from device is extremely loud which is a plus point but the cellular call quality can sometimes give u a glitch.
The display could have be better.
All in all if i have to suggest someone a device under 15k, coolpad note 5 would definitely make it to the list.
Its worth a buy and feels really great in hand

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Decent phone with a pretty good RAM (4GB) having a budget price

10 February 2017

Pretty rad phone having 4GB RAM.Bought it for my mom and she has been using it for 2 months.Just like any android device,this one isn't any different either and has it's share of hiccups.If i have to summarize her experience with this phone, i'd say it is satisfactory.
1)Great RAM which allows multitasking.Till this point,the phone did not hang a single time which is quite a feat given the processor is Snapdragon SD 617 (which btw is not very common in today's phone) 9/10
2)Fast fingerprint scanner.The response time is quick (i'd say 1/2sec) and you could unlock and lock the device quickly,continuously & rapidly. 10/10
3)Battery life is great too.If you shut down wifi,the on screen time goes from 8hrs to 24 hrs (from 100% to 2%). Although the fact that battery can't be removed is a pain. So,9.5/10
4)4G/LTE enabled.Use jio without any altercations and without installing the Voice calling app
5)Price range:- Dont think there's any other phone offering these specs at 11K bucks.
6)Internal storage is alright considering you can add a 32gb sd card,so there are no complaints in that department.
7)Quick charging is there too although it does heat the phone a bit,but any phone which is quick-charged gets a lil bit heated
8)UI is decent too.I like how CoolUI is a tiny bit similar to Apple's UI with the command centre being dragged from below and notification panel from above.Not your usual AOSP Ui.
9)Supports Dual screen.Which helps in watching YT videos and writing an email at the same time without any lag and hang
1)Gets overheated due to SnapDragon 617 after just listening to mp3 files and window shopping at the same times.But considering the fact it;s 617 we should expect it
2)There are some grammatical errors in UI.Expected since it's a Chinese brand
3)Camera is not satisfactory.Every time you are trying to take a photo and it is showing the preview it looks good but once u click the shutter,the image quality drops from 13MP camera to a 8MP camera.However,during Video Recording,it is not that way and the videos are crisp,clear and justify 13mp but photos are not that way and i have tried different photo capturing apps and the result is same in all of these apps.
4)HUGE PROBLEM IS DURING SKYPE/WHATSAPP CALL/VIBER/IMO and all of these voice chatting apps.The receiver often tells that the voice just cuts down during chat and gets muffled.And it's not a Bandwidth or app's fault since i have tried chatting on the same app version and with same speed without any problem.
5)Not a lot of accessories in the market for this phone.The screen guards aren't exactly a perfect fit.Plus,there are literally a handful covers for this phone.
6)Hybrid tray fault...but it's not exactly the fault of this phone but the design of hybrid tray since you can not use 2 cards and micro sd at the same time without damaging your microSd

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Good 11k budget phone

10 February 2017

Very fast response to touch. Flash LED for front camera is usefull to take selfies in darkness. Rear 20 MP camera is nice. Drawback is hybrid SD card. Like other coolpad note 3, note 3 plus etc. dual sim along with micro SD card is not provided.

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Amazing Phone. Don't think, Just Go for it.

25 October 2016

Lets start with the basic details needed for a normal customer like me. I bought this phone on 20th and it reached me today. So, I am writing my review with the things I needed to know before buying this. My friends have been using Coolpad (on my suggestions) and finally I got this one for me. Lets consider point wise :
1. Camera - Camera is good. I turned off the lights of my room to check the flash. It captured absolutely stunning pic in dark with the flash. I am attaching the pic ( the green one with a navy blue trolley on the left), this pic is taken with full lights off, and as can be seen, you will be misunderstood by the quality that lights are actually off. The front selfie camera is very good. The flash is really doing a good job in low light for selfie. Overall the camera is excellent.

2. Design & Weight- Attached the pics. Absolutely great design. The metallic look and feel will make us feel like a very high priced phone. Its weight is around 170gm which is good and it feels normal in hands. I won't saw its light weight but for a 5.5" phone, its weight is pretty descent. But, single hand use is also possible in an easy way without any problems. Design is Royal and gold color is awesome.

3. Performance- This is the part everyone wants to know. I as a customer had a doubt about Snapdragon 617 being heated up. As soon as I started and connected to wifi, it downloaded an update of around 30 mb, and asked to reboot to install it. After I did the reboot, the funny thing which happened is, in the notification bar it started optimizing apps, & it said "Optimizing apps may lead to a fever" (Screenshot attached). The phone did a small heat up but on completion of this optimization, it cooled down within a minute. I played some games, and music together and there is absolutely no lagging. There is some heating after around 30 minutes of rigorous gaming but that is tolerable. This phone has really optimized SD617 to produce no heating.

4. Fingerprint Scanner- Absolutely magic. It works within microseconds. The moment you touch, the moment this phone unlocks. Amazing on this part.

5. RAM and Storage - We get around 3.7 GB RAM available and while on standby around 1 GB is being used and u have around 2.7 GB free. Storage is 32 GB out of which the available storage is 22.5 GB.

6. Battery - Its good. Using it heavily for around an hour and only 10% has been drained so far.

7. CoolUI 8.0 - There are people telling that the UI is bad. I have used an iPhone and the UI is more or less similar. The Notification Centre and the Control Centre is awesome (Screenshot attached). U will love the UI and it has everything you need highly optimized to your needs.

Overall, its an awesome phone. If you are thinking to buy this, you can certainly go for it without hesitation. U might be hesitating for brand. But it is really good and worth buy.
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Not for phone dependent users

14 February 2017

I purchased this phone 3 days back after reading the reviews and features that is phone offered for the price. This phone is not suggested for those of you who run a lot of work through your phone. Multi tasking is not something that this phone can easily perform. I had purchased the phone looking at the 4gb ram primarily, unfortunately the phone starts lagging when you switch between apps or if a pop up shows up on the top of the screen.

For those who have minimal usage and don't depend on the phone completely it is a decent buy.

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This phone is just cool or awesome....

5 January 2017

I used this phone for 1 week .i am happy with this phone so i am excited to give my experience which is concerning about of this phone. Coolpad is cool phone with all latest technology and features is available in this generation which is concern in available mobile phone from other company's mobile....

Let's know about this phone features-

➡➡1). Camera :

↪First of all i take tour of rear camara..
Camara of this phone is just awesome. The daylight pictures are awesome. It also work better in low light so it's call low light camara.

Let's take tour of front camara..
This mobile have 8MP front is very good camara as lenovo or mi.The selfie was very good. I can give 4 out of 5 on the basis of its camera.

➡➡2). Build quality and design :

↪The design is very attractive. You fill proud to handle this phone in your hand. The metallic body gives you stunning and cool look of mobile.
Its weight is around 180gm with cover which is not to take heavy in our pocket . Then all other specifications like size of mobile and color you can see on amazon site so i am not explain you more.

➡➡3). Performance :

↪You can see all detail in website of amazon or coolpad website like cpu or update version.I played lots of game on this mobile and also play heavy game . I downloaded Asphalt 8, N.O.V.A 3 and started other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.
I played Asphalt 8 for 20-25 min So.The phone heats up slightly but not that much.

➡➡4) fingerprint sensor :

↪Finger print sensor is mostly like by me to unlock mobile phone within 0.02sec.Once you set your any finger of yours then it is not unlock by anyone and also you can set password and finger print lock together so your family people unlock your phone using password.

➡➡5). RAM and storage :

↪The total ram available is 3.7 GB approx.
And when you use this phone around 1.8 GB max. ram is used so we still have 1.9 GB ram which is very impressive and good.i not have one singlw lag.
Coolpad having 32 gb internal storage and we used only 22.6 approx.

➡➡6). Battery :

↪It having 4010 mah Battery capacity which is just awesome .I used min.10-15 app daily basis and battery drops only 20-25% for 1-45 hours.
.So battery is good. It is charge very frequently

➡➡Conclusion :
You should buy this phone
Rating : 4/5

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Fantastic camera focus both front and back

24 January 2017

Fantastic camera focus both front and back , no heating issues works extremely well, battery stands long time,no hangings with many applications and totally superb smart phone with more features and options ,, simply superb and awesome............ Just go for it👌👌👌👌

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15 February 2017

Pros: Excellent build quality
Super fast Chipset and RAM
Thin and Stylish design
Quality speakers
Good 4G reception
Excellent battery backup
Value for money

Cons: Themes are not customizable
Camera not good during night

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Nice features in this budget

It's been almost 5 days that I am using the phone. Battery backup is good 1&half days. Rear camera is okay but front camera is nice with some add on features like beauty face, led flash. Yet I haven't installed any heavy app although phone is running smoothly. Sound quality is good. What disappointed me is the headphones I received in box. They are not working properly but that's an alert issue. Apart from this good phone in this budget. Go for it.

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Nice mobile

I love this mobile cool pad note 5

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Best mobile

Customers are about to be buying twice or thrice very good display and smart good looking figure

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Nice phone

Nice phone but some time hanging .

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super mobile

Great mobile display very smooth

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Too good phone

The phone fully satisfied me. It has huge capacity battery life and has fast charging.

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Good phone

Very gud bttry life & all functions is working properly

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Love you snapdeal..

Superb products and services...

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