About Fasterkart

Our vision and goal

With thousands of smartphone models and tens of brands, buying the right smartphone which fits your specific requirements can turn into a troublesome experience. Add to that suggestions from self professed geeks each of whom provide their own set of pros and cons.

Fasterkart would like to make this experience a lot easier for every buyer. Our team reviews thousands of phones and sorts them based on user reviews, tech specs, price points and overall quality. All this information is then presented to you in a simple to understand layout to help you make the right choice in the easiest way possible.

You don't have to be a gadget guru to find the smartest phone within your budget.


People behind the scenes

We are a bunch of crazy geeks who all share a common love for tech and electronic gadgets. Here's what our team looks like at the moment.

Adil - He's the Chief architect from the Matrix who conceptualized and built this project from the ground up.

Sandeep - The Creative Alchemist who visualised the beautiful user experience and interface that makes fasterkart.com one of the best designed sites.

Pratap - Pratap is the Creative Wizard who made all the animations and visual effects come true to life with his magic wand.

Aatif - PHP CrackerJack who built Fasterkart's backend and infrastructure rock solid. He is our in-house know-it-all when it comes to smartphones.

Umar - PHP Overlord took care of integrating all of our codebase together.

Raj - PHP Crawler who did the excellent job of processing huge datasets from all over the web and making it available for you.

Priya - Creative Junkie who took care of all the finer details of the user interface to make it look simple and elegant.

Shreenivas - Android Flash cracked fasterkart.com to work at lightning speed on all devices & platforms.

Ajinkya - iOS Pirate who captured and sunk all enemy ships and deployed fasterkart.com's ship across the iOS Ocean.